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2015 Mobile Schedule


  • 14-29 March Southern Grand/Fl. State Trap - Silver Dollar Odessa, Fl.


  • 21-26 April Open gunsmithing - DCWC Morrisville, N.C.
  • 30 April - 3 May Masters Skeet - Savannah, Ga.


  • 7-15 May Pletcher and Armed Forces Skeet - Charles City, Va.


  • 1-7 June Buckeye Classic Trap - Marengo, Oh.
  • 13-20 June Pa. State Trap - Elysburg, Pa.
    22-28 June Ohio State Trap - Marengo, Oh.


  • 6-10 July Instructing Shotgun Stockwork Class - MCC Troy N.C.
  • 13-17 July Instructing Shotgun Mechanicals Class - MCC Troy N.C.


  • 18-23 August Cardinal Classic Trap - Marengo, Oh.


  • 23 Sept. - 2 Oct. World Skeet - San Antonio, Tx.


  • 17-25 Oct. Sporting Clays Nationals - San Antonio, Tx.

Subject to change without notice

Expert Gun Services – Personal Attention
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Official Gunsmith of the West Point
Skeet & Trap Team

Click to enlarge certificate
Certificate and flag awarded to me by Colonel Rich Menhart stationed at Ft. Bragg, N.C. having served 8 combat tours, being severly wounded in combat and awarded the Purple Heart. I am humbled to have received such an honor by Colonel Menhart, a brother in arms.
- Laurence Pylinski
Colonel Menhart awarding certificate and flag to Laurence Pylinski

  • Adjustable Combs
  • Choke Work
  • Lengthen Forcing Cones
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Recoil Reducers
  • Recoil Reduction
  • Recoil Pads - Adjustable & Fixed
  • Trigger Work
Authorized Service & Warranty Center for:
Blaser Hunting Rifiles
Browning Firearms
Kolar Arms
Krieghoff Hunting & Sporting Guns
Also offering Service & Repairs on:
Beretta Firearms
Perazzi Shotguns
Remington Arms
Rottweil Cartridges
SKB Shotguns




"Mr. Pylinski you rebuilt my Beretta 682 at the OH state shoot last week and had a problem with the top barrel and light hits on the primer. Today I finally got to the range and shot 50 pair of doubles and checked every pair of fired shells as I removed them. All the primers were struck exactly right on both barrels. You couldn't tell if they were fired in the bottom or top barrel. About 3/4 of the way through the round I switched and fired the top barrel first and again no difference. I shot reloads with Winchester, Fiochi and Chedite primers and all were struck the same. I had 10 shells with me that had light hits from last week and all fired perfectly.

I want to thank you for going the extra mile and getting it right. Several friends recommended you to me and I was not disappointed, you did excellent work and resolved all issues. I will be telling others about your work in the future.

Hope to see you down the road maybe San Antonio."

Mike T.
Van Alstyne, TX

"Thank you for your kind and effective repair of my Weatherby today. As always, it's a pleasure to visit with you."


"Hello Mr. Pylinski,
      I wanted to update you on my Browning Maxus. I have shot more rounds since leaving you that day than I had shot with the gun in the two years previous. AND…the gun is performing just like it should. I have not had any issues with it.
      Thank you for your outstanding customer service. I can understand why you have been able to satisfy customers and be a business owner for 20+years. Please know that I will always be grateful for your service. Purchasing that shotgun was not an easy financial feat for me. Your knowledge and skills have provided me the opportunity to enjoy the gun like Browning hoped I would be able to."

Thanks again,
Eric Beatty - Richmond, Virginia

"I posted a little "blurb" touting your excellent service on the "Shotgun World" website under the "I Love My-Other Shotguns" forum. I included your e-mail address and phone #, also. Sometimes, referrals from highly satisfied clients will benefit your business.

Thanks again for the excellent work and prompt service. Enjoy your day!"

Best regards,
C.B.Moore - Franklin,Virginia

Pylinski Arms LLC 967 Anderson Hwy. Cumberland, VA 23040 (804) 357-2393

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